Dear customer/home owner,

Thank you for your interest in the services provided by Revive A Deck. All decks and timbers are different, so in the first instance we need to assess your deck and recommend the various processes that will give the best results. The processes we use are dependent on several factors.

* Type of timber and condition of the structure.

* Assess if the timber has had previous treatment(s).

* Exposure and degradation, due to sunlight and UV.

* Match products, and finish to existing structures.

Should you wish, Revive A Deck will then provide a written quotation.

What we do

Cleaning: During this first process, we make the timber look new again, by thoroughly preparing the timber with our superior cleaning products (which contain NO damaging bleaches). We then gently pressure wash to remove old stains, sealants and mildew.

We may repeat the process, to remove excessive degradation.

After drying, the timber will look cleaner and brighter.

Treatment: When the timber is completely dry we sand handrails and seating areas, and check the surface boards for exposed nails. If necessary we will undertake minor repairs. We then apply three coats of our unequalled timber penetrating treatment that, unlike surface oils, penetrates INTO the wood fibres, replacing some of the natural oils that have been lost through weather exposure, and pressure washing.

The treatment is water repellent, and semi transparent, which enhances the natural beaty of the timber. It also contains a special blend of fungicides and ultra violet filters which help prevent the further degradation of the timber. Typically this treatment will last 3-5 times longer than a conventional oil based finish.

Our objective

Make every timber structure that we treat a source of pride to the home owner. Extend the life of the timber and structure, to avoid future repairs, or replacement. Make every one of our customers happy with our products and performance. Enhance and protect the home owner's investment.